About the Coffee Crew Show & Podcast

Coffee Crew ~ The Nick Name of Our Host

Origin of the Nick Name: Greg is known as the Coffee Crew because he was 1st to work for years and always made that first cup of coffee for everyone in the morning. For 40 years his closest friends called him "Coffee Crew". 

Coffee Crew Show ~ The Road Show Comedy Routines and more... 

PODCAST: In the spring of 2018 The first regular podcasts were made for the show. After the video streaming and video presentations were a hit there came a demand for the podcasts. These became the main form of communication to the world.

The Video Steams: Coffee Crew Show (site) and it's many platforms can be seen and updates are made on occasion. We are doing more and more productions of the static nature. The daily news is on the podcast when it's done. The subjects of videos are our teams own and form our reviews from many prospectives. #EnjoyTheShow

Coffee Crew Show is a production of the 1st America Kind. US Patriots and visitors are welcome to join the conversation on this our any of our platforms. Thanks, Coffee 

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