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This page (feed) is a Facebook page we offer on our websites to our many Facebook Fans! We are so excited to offer this and many more pages... 

Page Mission: This page directs what and where we are doing on the air for the week (sometimes [daily]* and it's all about what WE are all doing to help support the research and information sharing effort to the masses).

Our effort has always been a 3 fold mission and you can read about it on the website.

  • We want People to Know.

  • We Want Truth To Expose the Corruption.

  • We Want to Share and Teach How to Share without being in SM Jails or Shadowbanned /Censorship.


[WeAre] dedicated to decodes and understanding who is who as well as  what they are HONESTLY doing...


  • If they support 17-45 and the USA, we agree.

  • If they are [Never Trumpers], or [DS] we don't agree. Trolls Glow. 

Everyone gets a chance here, until they glow so much it hurts. We do evaluate the FRUITS of those we approve of... If the fruit goes rotten, we have a naughty list that is public. 

We don't like the fact that anons can't seem to keep from fighting or being BUTT HURT. We see UNITY as the only way to go, in this seriously cruel and wicked Spiritual WAR. This IS NOT A GAME to US at the Coffee Crew. 


[Paytroits expose themselves] when they attack you. Patriots are not TRAITORS or seditious.  We do believe The Word and it's values and wisdom is right. We do go to wisdom's meanings for truth. We then share it. If you don't like that, so be it. 

*Starting 11.01.19 

** QArmy Qanon #UnitedNotDivided

*** Vetted Feeds and Hosts [OK]

**** Spokesperson for the CCSP Team

***** God's Grace #%ways

****** [SG] #Simple On 3 

******* [GODLY] #WeAre

******** [Complete] #8thENning