[Chapter 2] The New Normal - Then and Now... 

Answer to a question... about the current day situations and "The New Normal" lie.

- No I don't agree to any of that... but I do have an analyss and answer to it all. My Study and personal research has brought me to complete one more chapter in the Book "Lamp Black" 


[Y]e[P], I do too... in 1711 or so, there was a movement to create a "new normal" and the boomerang was in the terms of the day... Guess what.. the evil plans they had then are going to someday ... .. .. Catch up to them. 

Eric Carmen's Statment and Question... Does anyone else hate the phrase "The New Normal" as much as I do? They're hammering this one home now, every day, hoping we will all accept that nothing will ever be like it was pre-Covid-19. The same thing happened after 911. Freedom and liberty took a backseat to safety.

Eric Carmen asked a question (above) and that statement inspired me to finish this very hard chapter of the book I have been writing for a few years. It's a reel puzzle and below is my Book chapter. Thanks Eric Carmen (Twitter Patriot & Friend).

[Chapter 2] YeP, I do too... in 1711 or so, there was a movement to create a "new normal" and the boomerang was in the terms of the day... Guess what.. the evil plans they had then are going to someday ...

[It Will] ... be fully exposed to light. That light is so bright that people will run like crazy & deny the...

... the fact that the 1st bell had a flaw and cracked. It cracked not because it was over worked but for the fact that some real shay and dirty deals were done way back in times when there was also a new normal... (syndrome), Society elites pushed it and the thieves they were had all the people... (fooled*), both

... in the Europe and in the USA. Keep in mind, the US, being a new nation was believing that they were that example of the new normal. People in the US, loyal to the both were faithful.


It will make you mad when you find out the truth. It will make the whole world sit up and wonder how they missed it... How could so many generations of people in the USA have been fooled so well?

In 1711 ...the plan was laid [from 1583 to 1711] and hatched* ... by 1724 there was a New Normal agenda that had full and skillfully stolen the world view. Europe had take the bait and the 'new normal' then was swallowed. The community in all of Europe had bit. The USA would too. [Term HOODWINKED]*

Guess WHO?  [This is a theory, Mine.]

In 1730, a frequent visitor and famous American endorsed the plan... (was he fooled or not), wand endorsed it by writing about it. He was the kind of man who both Americans and Europeans admired. He was smart and bright and a stable genius. #Endorsed #NewNormal

In 1731, the same man joined the group. A plan was set in motion. Knowingly or not, his endorsement would change world history to the point that people would not see truth until it was told them. In fact, I think he knew.

Of course you know, maskers and deniers would dispute all the facts. They would for ages, decades, and even centuries after attempt to protect the thieves. He knew he made a mistake, but may never have admitted it.

No one is saying if he was part of the plot... I even have my doubts. I think, the evil ones with the plot that knew him, may have set him up. Then knowingly set up all of his patriot friends.

This evil; THEIR plan has been carried, from generation to generation. That plan is still in full swing. Today we all see the evidence of that plan. We know and hear of all his friends. His associates are people who laid the foundation for many nations. The Patriot in him...

... did allow him to know good vs. e and he once said in passing to a person, when asked about the great republic he had helped design, "If you can keep it." No ask yourself, did he know? Did he side with the bad while doing good unknowingly? I say #GodKnows.

Many other wars & battles have happened, not because of him, but his decision to join. The bad players played both sides of every war since. Play white Europeans fighting naves against each other and more.

All humanity sees it but does not where to place the blame. Well, it's squarely on the the creators of the plot. Not everyone who is about is a denier. #PeopleKnow

Keep Punching! You never know who you are talking to... "You did not see me!" #MechDecDay USA. #20May1775

See you at the Reunions and #moore.

Note: [Chapter 2] is actually part of my book. The videos and research by others is from their blood sweat and tears. I did not produce the videos and/or anything other than my own text. The Book is loaded chapter by chapter... and this is Chapter 2 ... of course the best is last (Chapter is 1 is the very last of all the chapters in the book to be loaded as always.

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