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Letter to a group of friends ...

My fellow patriots,

By Greg Alexander, Coffee Crew Shows


There are those who don't want us to help the masses.


There are those that say they support Trump, but only to the degree that they are involved in their own little world. Well, this is a big world and the entire world deserves to know the truth and decide for themselves. #WWG1WGA means everyone on the planet.

ALL means ALL ... the USA is a leader in worldwide freedom for a reason. It is by the example of the ones who died and have fought for this right to be free. Many, many people today are willing to simply allow the world to be OK and ignore the threats that are out there. #WakeUp

Many more people are more than willing to allow the ones who have the grasp on the supply chains, the money, the products needed to make things built here, leave or be outsourced. Corporations are not people. They have become the unknown enemy. We all love to earn income from our pensions and our years of labor. That's all good. But when the corporations have taken far more from us than we know, we do wake up. Then when awake, we are as individuals in the same positions our ancestors were when the then entities which look like today's corporations.

The Crown & Today's Corporations Look Alike At Times

- How it's all connected and the wake up call...

Today we see that there has been much information brought to our attention that we somehow missed before... we had a chance to even realize. Some efforts were deployed and employed to keep us from knowing as well. We do acknowledge that, however, there are facts that do bring us back to our senses.

What is meant by this? What facts have been uncovered by the news that we could have missed because we worked and played while others simply did their jobs not knowing they too, were sucked into the very same game the most elevated were plotting then deploying on us all.

Looking back to the Industrial Revelation

Let's take a little side trip. Look at the Sears Catalog! Why?

It was used in every US outhouse where people now dig for bottles and lost treasures.

So what's the big deal you say... and why do you bring that up?

Well, it's really all about all that innovation and creativeness.


Yes, it is.


While the world was busy being better because of the inventions, and creativeness; some others were thinking how to make more money from each of the inventions, the patents and more. Copyright and inventions were major drivers in the world in the early years of the explosion that happened in early America's Industrial Revolution. Now we want to know why all this matters... we can tell you some of the reasons and they are shocking.

The Real Effects Of Modernization on Humanity

Think about it for a minute... the desire to make money and take the real products made in America that cost so much to make here due to inflation and raw material was a driver. The combination of need and desire were all it took for a very creative few with the resources to do so to deploy. If you had money do do something and so it at a lower cost, with a resource that was more than willing you might also have done the very same thing. In fact, I know of people 1st hand who did exactly that because it became the norm. In 2006, I know of one man full of ideas and inspired inventions that went into business. As that creative spirit grew he looked over doing what he dreamed of here in the USA. The USA had become far too costly and the NORM had become the why you do it... Manufacturing on the scale needed to succeed was in another country.

The Cost of the process there and here do not even compare.

The standard people in the middle & lower classes here knew about, but ignored was real. The statistics and facts bare witness to these truth. Numbers and profits don't get over looked in the bottom-line. The effect of this on humanity are there, but easily overlooked by the people who knew, but had no control. The people here in the USA in two (2) major classes both knew. The common labor and middle class as one group could see it, but could not do a thing about it for a long time. The elites and industrialist types also in another class could afford to take full advantage of the facts that they could make things work and profit as well. Having the money to do what works is a big deal. As time passed it all became the norm. It became the way you do business. The elites too full advantage of this and built and upper middle class of individuals, some of whom have and are sold out to the scenario that we see playing out today.

Cause and Effect Well Covered

Today we have a reality that seems to have been pushed to the surface due to real and major corruption. Yes, corruption that has rared it's ugly head. If industrialist of the modern 20th century were sometimes a bit crooked, they glowed and history seems to show that real well. We have plenty of example in history and don't need to go into that here and now... (look for footnotes and more in other chapters).

Corruption that seems to have made it's way into the world we live in now is partly due to the need and desire of the human spirit and experience to have conveniences and creature comforts.

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