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Good Morning! This is the place in the early morning hours!


We hang out together and we talk about all the issues and then some. Our mission is Three Fold and we will share that with you ...


We are all about the social media and what’s trending in the news... with a good hot coffee and a few donuts too!



We go world wide and we welcome all kinds of topics and stories!


Coffee Crew is the nick name of our host and he has had that nick name at work for many years before he retired to host the Coffee Crew Show. You’ll like his brand of coffee! USA.

We offer many popular platforms and we share the links here and on our web sites! 

Coffee Crew Show is the show where Trump Supporters and You can find information and a place to lean more. 

Lerking is allowed... Anyone is welcome to share the information and stories we share. 

Our Team is a group of coffee lovers who got together to share talk and news. We Support The 45ht President of the United States. #KAG