Qwick News - For the Top 17 Stories & the Top 20 Causes - Other People's NEWS!!!

We don't studder much or mispell at all... hehe! That's why We PODCAST Daily 


Qwick News - For the Top 17 Stories

and the Top 20 Causes - NEWS!!! 


Qwick News - For the Top 17 Stories


Take 3 is always the best! When it's


Qwick News - You can get a qwick Idea of what is going on each day and share it with friends or family if you are in a herd or hurry. We offer speedy and Qwick News on our Facebook page. Nothing To See Here

Qwick News - Coffee Crew Hosts


Qwick News - For the Top 17 Stories

and the Top 20 Causes - NEWS!!! 

What is better than Qwick News with a twist of lemon? Not the kind on that TV News Show... Oh No! We are live on podcast and videos for the fun of it and our brand of news is nothing more than common sence and news bits and pieces from 1000(s) of wild crazy sources as well as a few good ones! We DO Support the President and USA. 


Mind's Eye - Signed & Framed Acrylic on Canvas 

The wind blows on the mass media,

The Mind's eys sees 3 arroes pointing The Way a a messenger. The Optical Mind's Eye see in The Spirit. The Failure of the Cities, the financial woes, the dreams of many. The lives lost in the rubble. Money Fails and the Spritual War that was - is. Signed: Alex 93