Supporters - Trump 2020

Stewardship is a real true way to see things

Today the American people have seen the truth come out and pour itself onto the turff of a nation that has been trampled since the early days of the 19th Century when a group of people industrialized the nation at the expense of all. 

The fact is that they know it and don't care. The early industrialists were men and their dreams that were not only part of the growth of the country but of the empire that 48 families made. 

Anyone who joined them was on their good side and that is wonderful, however they were an elite group of people who also went further than anyone ever imagined. Yes, they plotted and planned what they did then as they have done in the last 50 years. From the beginning...

Like the fact they never thought she's lose, they also never dreamed that anyone would take the efort it takes to stop them. 

That is the war unseen by million in the USA even to this day. Denial is the 1st step

Trump 2020

Pwoplw know is for real and think about it... what do you think THEY fear most... Define [THEY]


The facts that do matter are simple to see. Here is a man who has stirred up the world and some people (THEY] do not want to admit that they were on the wrong side of the will of the silent majority. Corruption is not new, but it has an ugly side that GLOWS when it is allowed to take over the world. 

... to defeat for them and that fact is the lever all humanity has over them. They are like cream in a seperator now. They are in panic and they are scared because each day more and more people learn and know that has happened. Yes, the PEOPLE KNOW... and the world is watching.

Do you have a basket to fill? We are a full basket of DEPLORABLES in the USA

DEPLORABLES in the USA will re-elect the 45th President and see the real LANDSLIDE Victory For Trump Supporters because he is for ALL of US.

Trump 2020

The Movement -A Geat Awakening

WWG1WGA is worldwide! 

Coming generations will appreciate the work and sacrifice that you make today to share the truth. Getting the word out that the people know what has happened to them has been the job og the 45th president. He has done it well and now the world kows.. it's worldwide. 

When you have notiing to lose, you are willing to do more. When you are not compromised it is easy to march to the beat of that different drum. When the war comes closer than you ever dreamed; you are willing to assure that the knowledge you have, turns into wisdom. Share it.