Best Of the Best! MEME WARS

Do you like good memes too? I sure do and I found a stash a long time ago. I share them now and again... this is again, a MEME WAR for the rest of the world. [Happy Birthday! 11/28/2017]

When I started I was just a wild guy getting ready to retire. I go sick and things changed. During the time I was healing many things began to surface that we studied for years and years. That was sure interesting.

Then on day in November 2017, Facebook began really messing with me. The shut me down a few times in June, July and August. During September and and October I was busy. Ever been to FB Jail? I sure have and it was only just beginning. Since them I found 100(s) of way sto avoid the FB Jail and Shadow-banning is real... Censorship is a ll a product of HR 5181 and don'rt let anyone kid you... it is real. #Is5181real

Then one night while resting a friend sent me a note... "You have to see what just was posted over ont he chans... " I was shocked and that started an all new relationship in finding the bottom of the barrel. In the News, In Politics and In my america, all I found was corruption.

On 11/28/2017 everything changed forever and I am so glad. #EnjoyTheShow

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