Is climate change really up for debate anymore? [HOAX 101]

Updated: Oct 14, 2019

The biggest hoaxes is one which is all for profit like the paid for plays and for profit prisons. All these kinds of scams are on the masses and why? They are Sheep in Herds and the left knows it far too well.

Welcome to Hoax 101 = A new and grand category of the far left for study by anyone who has the wisdom to see when you do bad things, bad things happen. It's always a good idea to be a good steward, but lying to the masses that is anothrt story. We have all seen the effects of that too. Guess what? #peopleknow now more than ever... We are going to make sure of that.

“When do you think this lie was first started and who is it attributed too?"
"If you said, .l .or. you may be closer than you think. Let's look deeper into the big fish stories related to this hoax”

Go to the mountains and see what we see... This alone is proof that we have been hoaxed.

Liars Lie - Good Stewardship is good for all.

What are shovels good for? #Diggin. #Hoax101 #ClimateChangeLies

Here is a good dig to get into... there is a lot of stuff both good and bad around this topic. The real truth is that the twisted lies of the far left who want to cover their a.... right now are running scared and come up with this as a complete smokescreen. #CYA #SmokeScreens

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