No relief in climate change actions ...because it's a HOAX

Updated: Oct 27, 2019

Hoax101 is a set of lessons on the HOAX the world is saddled with and it's about time to get the real truth out there... the facts will show that stweardship is always a good thing and not being fooled by pay for play scams and lies is right. #Hoax101 #WatchNSee

There a plenty of great stories coming up about how this has been one world wide hoax. The schools are a big part of the issues. Teaching a generation of Americans the lies they wanted us all to believe. The Auto Industy is another element and so too are the super scammers!

“You do know who they are and you must do somethjing about the lies they put out. Fact is all humans need to be good stewards not suckers.” Coffee Crew Show Podcast

Wnat to start a stink? Do it and get involved in your local politics and stop the lies that come from the HOAX of the world. Climate Change is the world's biggest hoax besides SpyGate and #ObamaGate (which is too real to imagine). The real politics of giving away our uranium seems like nothing compared to the big fat lies we see told and retold by teachers in public schools in 2018, 2019... When will it stop? Will it stop in 2020? Who will stop it? #DoItQ

What action is up to you? "All of it!" says, Coffee. "We must be good stewards of the earth and not fall sucker to the money changers who make profit from the lies they spread."

"The real truth will come out. We are doing a few things to get this new site rolling and we are putting an iron in the fire for these issues. If you know what that means, then you will want to stick around and see to it that somehow these lies are done away with and removed from the world around us. The harm they are doing is causing great division in the generations that don't know any better. Stewardship is a good thing and God has us all mindful of being good to earth and the planet. The real truth is going to really set a lot of people free and likewise the holding fast to lies of the past (Climate Change itself), will be dealt with by hurtful division between the ones who see clear and the ones duped. I do feel sorry for all those who swallowed the fake narratives of Climate Change lies because they are the ones who will be hurt the most. Do they not know that the goals of everyone should be good stewardship and a healthy environment." says Coffee.

And he says, "The fact is that in doing that alone, there is not a need for extremist view points which are the lies of Climate Change ... Big money was made off the masses by Climate Change liars and Americans should demand it back in their pockets... Do you feel the same?"

Blogging gives you a voice, so let your personality shine through. Take action today and don't settle for the lies that the far left, money grabbers and ecologists are spreading. These lies are dangerous to the earth itself. Join us for Morning Coffee and the podcast or shows.

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