US Army sees largest deployment since Vietnam

Updated: Oct 14, 2019

What about the headlines and the fight between those who want and need war and those who think "Peace Through Strength" - We analyse it all here this is another ongoing story.

Ending the Endless wars is a good thing...

“What the world needs now is...” Good question and topic... We are on this and want you to look for the updates as we get the new site open! See our Facebook page too! Group

Last week we say plenty of reasons to think we are on to something at the show group. We were thinking on the lines of updating our older stories about the wars that seem to never end and then we found this in the blog template. It will be a good base for more updates over the next week(s) as we bring the new site up to speed. #EnjoyTheShow

This is an ongoing story which we will add to... here are a few of the topics and questions we will attempt to render as the week of opening happens at this new site.

Pull outs.


Actual s.

Facts and Stats.

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