Demonstrations across [EU] break out -Like the world is NOT Watching #WWG1WGAWW USA #QArmy #Qanon

Updated: Oct 14, 2019

This is a stock standard issues photo now days... it came with the template we recieved when we opened the new web site. This is not a shocker now days but should still be seriously looked at by all countries and freedom seekers. #France #HongKong #China #EU #London

Concerns that the saturation points are peaking on the news of the world and cure. There were 555 millions of posts (est), in the news again this week about the world falling apart all over Europe, France, Germany, England, Scotland, Hinterland and Norway. The Yellow Vest movement is real there. The news outlets are rarely sharing the news. #YellowVests

“The Term "Deep State" is really new and still in it's infant state. Millions are asking red pilled individuals what the term means... this is good. People are leaning and I think the movement to help 'People Know' has just begun!” said Coffee, 10/17/2018 on the www.CoffeeCrewShowcom/on-soundcloud

The People Know Movement came to life after the Q posts of 555 & 556. The facts that matter are most interesting and the CURE is spreading around the world for sure #WWG1WGA WW

We are seeing that there are needs for news... and more of it form the people. #UnitedNotDivided #StayTheCourse #StrongerAsOne #WeAreTheNewsNow #WeAre #WeAreQ #Qanon #QArmy #CarryOnMyFriend #NonAnons #WhoIsQ #DoItQ

Q Came out a long time ago and said, We Are The News Now to the people who were watching and it was good. The funny thing is there has been a lot ofg things happen since the moment was exposed to light. There has been a constant fight [1st] from the left and those who don't want to be exposed by the truth (and light of it). There has been a battle to Qanon from Socialist (mainly from countries who never got their freedom and are devout socialists and think they have a stake in American politics). October 28, 2017 ... #happybirthday

The worst thing is that there are 100(s) of select goups around the would and in this nation that do not want all for Q to be right. or for that matter work... #overthetarget which will fail. Why? Q is a movement, not a person or a calling. The people who do the research are encourage to do #logicalthinking and think for themselves. The hive mind and group think are out the door on this one.

Why Q?

When you look around and you do think for yourself, you can see that there is a special sence of rightness or goodness that comes form looking for truth. The sum total if the evil that is stacked up against the good people in this world is amazing. It's shocking to think that the world around us all works so hard at hatting good. But it sure dose and we have a lot of proof.

Q Movement - This is not a game.

We now have evidence that there have been authors of books on Q and more hurt or killed. There is surley an effort and has been one to stop or slow the effects of the Q Movement. It will not work say many and I tend to agreee. There is nothing that can stop what is coming. That's what one has to believe if you have seen and analysed as much data as has been released by the Q.

Sadly to say the Q Movement has been hindered by it's very own supporters [3rd] and to a degree that it makes you wonder what they were thinking. We see it first hand and I do disagree with attacking anyone who supports the balanced and fair mindedness of Q and the movement.

The very fact that there was a rush to judgement by some, then a crushing attack on believers (no matter their personal views). We see well vetted anons who are working hard, reaching out to Christians and Non-Christians, to atheists and sinners of all kinds... Who were these guys to have attacked an anon of any kind for any belief... what are their motives and why?

Many times during the movement we as observers have noticed that the attacks from within the movement were harder on the movement than thought, but that the movement only got stronger due to the very evil nature of the attackers themselves. They became the ones doing the damage to themselves and the winner is God. Yes, I said it. #GodWins

One Fine example of the win is the effects of jealous people attacking anons to do harm and be some-kind of hero. The only thing they did was hurt themselves, Those good folks who know the POWER of the FULL ARMOR of GOD really are the winners. #QArmy

They know that Jesus The Christ wanted to minister to his disciples but that His desire was for ALL of Mankind to be save and have salvation. So we have seen it many times when men are involved since we started vetting the anon auditors for the masses and sheep... There are a lot of #nonanons around that are lerking each and everyday... Who are the #SilentMajority?

Watch for more stories on the #Q #QMovement, The #WWG1WGA and #WWG1WGAWW movements. We Are #QArmy #Qanon #DoItQ #WeAreQ #FollowTheWhiteRabbit

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