United Nations facing political attack [OR] On The Attack?

Updated: Oct 14, 2019

What is the real truth about the hottest contests in the world stage? The UN has always been a hot plate of goods sold to the American people as a good thing... are they now?

The UN - Friend or Foe - We dig in and look at the roots.

“Was there ever any question that the US is a FREE Nation and that many nations of the UN are not at all FREE. Why then would you expect for them not to be against everything we stand for in the world?” Coffee Crew Show Podcast

The UN has what for us... and why do we need them? Why are they in New York?

"... With or without the UN & all it's headaches... Who is good for us and who is playing us?" asks Coffee Crew as he looks deep into the UN and it's reasons to exist in this day & age.

Everyone always has a few questions about the nature of the UN and what it's purpose is. The facts are now different than they were in inception and it was alarming back then. Now it seems to be amplified by rumors we hear about the abuses by the monarchies of the world abusing their powers to send or command the UN Forces. What are your thoughts?

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