France prepares for Election Day

Updated: Oct 14, 2019

Don't we all. When is your election day?

Here is something that we wanted to share in this feature and start a conversation with the many who watch and llsiten to the each day.

Was there a non-stop political campaign for the 2020 elections done out of nesseity or need? Was the panic in DC at all a factor when the failed efforts always result in a nothing burger by the Deep State and Democrats #DemS #DeepState #DemocratsFail #DNC #PanicInDC

Welcome to Another Busy Day in US Politics - France is also scrambling... when is their next election and are they now doing the very same thing we see hap[p]ening in the USA?

“Are the new never ending wars now political campaigns?”

Did Coffee nail it? We will see. We are going to address this and many other top[ics in the world stage int he weeks ahead. FRANCE and EUROPEAN nations. The EU and England, What about #Brexit and the real world crisis we see waging from Far-East to Europe?

Elections and Campaigns that seem to never end? Why? Is this new?

What do you think contributes to this condition the most?

Why doe it matter what the world is doing? And did the foreign nations have something to do with SpyGate as it seems. Why are the nations of the 5 "i" REALLY IN A PANIC #5EYES #5I


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