Middle East peace talks scheduled to take place [Again]

Updated: Oct 14, 2019

What's new about this headline... Was it clickbait left here by a leftist to get more traction?

The facts is that there are going to be all kinds of talks and all kinds of rumors of talks, rumors of war and more earthquakes to "...the whole thing is #Biblical!" says, Coffee

"Wake Up... What happens to the pull outs and the arms dealers or the terrorists? Who are they really? ... and who is/are the real dealers of weapons (and things we may have missed or not found in inventory form time to time). We are seeing epic time when it comes to exposure of the truth in our nation's capitol. The Deep State, The MIC, and the former administration are all so linked up to the hot besd of deep dish corruption... I lost my appetite!" says, Coffee.

“What does the scripture say to all of us? What is happening to us that we no longer understand the basics of the law and the order of things? Who thinks the constant chatter about Peace Talks is a bit worn by now?”

Is there anything new under the sun?

What happens when you have so much news and information there is a sudden overflow?

It's called a blow out... when they blow out more news than can be tolerated by the public and 80% to 95% are all lies they had in talking points all week long... then the weekend looks like it's real bad... and the news of the weekend is lame... like the deal we saw together with Chris Wallace. Now a lot of reactions to that were amazing. These of course are just observations by me and my Friends, staff and team. We all saw how bad it got and to review it more than once was tough on those who used to have even the slightest

respect or the man.

There is more to see and run from too. They are cutting their own throats at Fox News and I wonder if they realize how much peplep are starting to think they don't like the management there. Is Fox News banking on the fact that loyal watchers of the older Fox News will remain loyal ecasut of the few good reporters left at FOX? They are crazy if they think that... because the saturation is peaking more and more #peopleknow what the truth is... and the less they could care about Fox News or any MSM #itwillvanish

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