News and Covfefe Site Opens

We are excited to announce a brand new site. We are on it. We are the same coffee crew team with more punch. We now are offering a more focused set of services from the asspect that if you cannot beat them join them. In other words we don't give a rip about the spying HR 5181 Traitors who track and follow your every move. Moreover, we don't care at all that the nut cases are around us attempting to kill us... They cannot kill us all.

Our efforts to be a services in no foremost to our team and our staff. Like the founder of the USA found in themselves, we too, find that we have to decide to decide if we want to play in this game, and if so, get out there and do it. #DoItQ

New site:

Non Anons On Watch! #PeopleKnow
Non-Anons are Lerking each and everyday. The world learms more and more how to stand. What is Standing? We Are Covfefe! USA #Covfefe

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