Site Updates and Changes!

This is an ongoing site change... it's great and we hope you like the new format!

Since the site launch (Red October) we have been working hard to make the easy of use and the ways to find us simple. We are always growing the show base and we are not soliciting users to join as much as we are sharing the links to get the news. [Lerking] is allowed.

We don't want your addresses or try to gather information. Instead we desire to have you find ways to hear the news and see the shows. The podcast /on-soundcloud is done daily and any new podcast out let will or may come in time. No Hurry. #itsaprocess #onsoundcloud

The Video stream blog is growing fast to help you find our teams one load system and get the it best form the site and all sites you choose to find us on. Our map will be published at the end of November 2019. In early 2020 we will be fully headed toward our team loading systems and goals. We are not attempting to lad for each and every system. Instead we desire to load from 2 or 3 places rather than 15 or 20. #SiteNews

Our Pepe collection is growing... we feature it in memes and it's fun to see what is there! We loved the #BornFree meme here and we shared it 1st! We have 100(s) of Pepes and 1000(s) of collected Memes to share! Pick one and use it. Most are (99%) are copyright free and are here because it's great. The Meme War is real and great to show your support with. Maybe you will get ideas for your own memes here! #MemeWar

If you support Q Anon and Q Army, we are with you. We love the movement to save the republic from corruption and evil. The birthday of the Q movement is 11.28.2017. those ffirst posts are insurance that the hope is still there for Humanity! #StopTrafficking is important and part of what we report on weekly as we find links in the news.

Don't Use The Childerns -#ForJenny #ChildTrafficking & #HumanTrafficking

Our news is Other Peoples News (in most places) and from 1000(s) of sources. We simply point out some that we think is unique or special. Do your part and share something. #Share

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