Women's Day March changed the game

Updated: Oct 14, 2019

Template makers are like a dime a dozen. The created this page a post on the template we used with this stock photo and they thought we would never talk about it... oh, but we will and watch to see what the news is about it... We are shocked that people would conduct themselves in such a manner in the USA. Knowing what the 3% did in 1774 & 1775 to get away from tyranny is too real an close to home for many. #HowCouldThey #TheyDid #TrumpWon

Nasty Women Vote (for whom?) - Wake up people! #BornFree

“This country will never fall to a socialist nature in whole or part, not without a fight. I think Donald J. Trump said it better! [#BornFree] at the State of the Nation Speech” Coffee

The only real march on DC is one that will happen if the cats get out the bag again. The patriots will emerge from the silent majority if they are pushed to a degree that is beyond what is tolerable in 2019 and before 2020. This is an observation many are making now.

Real Questions and Questionable origins - Who organized and paid for these marches?

FYI: This is where the story will be posted and where updates to it will post after we get rolling.

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