Air raids across Syria? #Next [Q]uestions & Real Answers

Updated: Oct 14, 2019

Now it's time to talk serious about the pullout the wars, the Kurd's, The Turks, The Iranians and Iraci forces. What is the entire real issue at hand? What are Endless Wars? Libya? Tribes?

Loaded For Bare ... #FA22 Raptor is the best fighter in the known world at one time. Since it came out it has been a world leader and contender for all things good. The FA35 in three (3) variants is a "come a long" afterward to many. The well know attributes of the FA22 are greater, but the #FA35 contends to take it's place in airspace... Was it money, technology or just what the causes the FA35 to become the new plane? Some #flyboys do differ on the 2 planes.

“What is the real story on Syria and the Middle East? When do we take a deep dive and look into the truths about the matters at hand the the value of our being deployed to the four corners of the earth?” asks, Coffee on the podcast.

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Air-war for Air Space and The Ground Control - What is the prize?

Coffee Crew has done a lot of research on ground wars vs air wars. He has also seen that the PRIZE that the world is always after in the middle east region is OIL. That valued black gold is a thing that has since the wick or combustion engine been a constant battle. From one nation to another. From middle eastern nation to European rulers and more... Everyone fights for the prized oil rights for the countries in the area.

No one cared much when we had steam engines in the world. They did not last long and neither did the battle for the OIL in the middle east. All the countries of that region have fought among themselves over it too. Americans are not always the first to know all the issues as a general rule. I'll tell you when Americans do know... that's when they are on the ground there in the region and the real truth overflow from the people to the visiting Americans. Then you could cut the air with a cake knife, it's that thick.

Many who report the truths about what is going on in the middle east regions will tell you the people know and do one thing, the countries likewise do what they need to to survive.

Middle East Updates May Be Posted Here or as new posts form time to time... Coffee

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