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Updated: Oct 14, 2019

What about that Hollywood... Were we all duped? Will Hollywood drive us?

Welcome to and the Show.

“Do you have a idea that is really fitting? Someone did for sure and it effects each and every one of us as we changed with the times. The world around us was not different for us until it took to thinking that there is a way for it to rule without us knowing... Yes, Television evolved from Radio. Hollywood movies became the means by which everyone was minupliulated into thinking politically correct(nese) and proper. ” says, Greg Alexander in his online book.

The war we face is upon us and we are in the middle of a time when the world aroud us is waiting us all out. You know that there are things "Baby Boomers" know and could share that would blow the lid off a bean cooker!

What is a Movie Script all about?

What has Hollywood done to all of us over the many years we were growing up ... ???

A chapter of the the book is dedicated to "Hollywood Influences and Television" being the weapon of choice for .... You'll have to get the book when it's out to find out the rest of the story (or just live thought the 2024 Election cycle and see).

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